Ben Glasscock – I live in Guildford, Surrey. I started lifting weights for rugby at around the age of 16 and then intermittently until I started training properly early in 2015; from there, I started training specifically for powerlifting around December 2015 and have loved it since then. Since then, I have qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and am soon to be an accredited Strength and Conditioning coach. I have coached a few clients of varied sports including a few for powerlifting. I myself qualified for British Nationals 2017 and continue to push my own progress forward. I love surrounding myself with like-minded people and hope this blog can spread some information for those wanting to learn more, or consolidate on what they already know. Check out my Instagram at @blgstrength and Facebook page at “Ben Glasscock Powerlifter”.

Ben Shearlaw – I’m studying at Oxford Brookes University. I started going to the gym about 3 to 4 years ago because I wanted to get in better shape. Over time I discovered Powerlifting through my friend who trained and competed within the sport. A few years later here I am still completely obssessed with lifting! I thought it would cool just to get some ideas and thoughts down on here and see where it leads and share what I learn along the way. During semester time I train at Brookes gym and during the holidays I train in my home gym… ‘The Vault’ (A completely unforgiving  shed consisting of iron, wood, dust and loud music.)